New listening bar opens in Berlin's Kreuzberg district

Berlin has a new listening bar.

Located on Fichtestrasse in Kreuzberg, Unkompress boasts Klipsch Cornwall speakers, a Resør class-A rotary mixer and a 300B single-ended tube amplifier. The community-focused space will stock locally sourced beer, coffee and natural wine.

Speaking to Dance Nation Radio, founder Kevin Rodriguez said he wants to provide the city "with a music-centric living space that's as much for album listening and analogue sound as it is for community and gathering."

Rodriguez also expressed his desire to collaborate with local brands and labels. "Whether for an LP or magazine release, a product to sell, or simply a workshop or meet-up to host, I want people to feel like they have a space to connect with like-minded people and share their creativity and art in the broadest sense," he continued.

Unkompress is open Wednesday through Sunday. It launched late last month. Check out some more photos and visit the venue's official website.